How to choose the best cat litter

cat litter

As a cat parent, after cat food, the most important thing for your feline buddy is cat litter. Litter is a very important thing for a cat, irrespective of the age of the cat. Choosing the litter for your cat can be quite over-whelming especially if you are a new cat parent. There are many types of litter: Clumping or non-clumping, newspaper recycled, scented, and flushable, etc. Which one is the best cat litter for urine odor?

Read below to know the best ones for your cat.

Your cat’s choice says that the reason most cats don’t use the litter you buy, is that we buy one that the cat does not prefer. But why would a cat not prefer a litter you bought. It can be because of the cat being sensitive to the material of litter, or that the cat has a mind of its own and acts as per his or her fancy. All that does not matter, to make sure the cat does not completely reject the litter box, you have to provide the litter the cat is comfortable.

Type of litter: Clumping Or Non-Clumping Litter

Cat litter’s most important feature is whether it forms a lump in the presence of liquid.
Clumping has a substance called Bentonite that absorbs urine and forms a lump, the rest of the litter remains dry for use the next time. When it’s time to clean, remove the urine lumps along with the feces, leaving the dry litter for later use.

Non clumping type absorbs the urine along with the odor. Non clumping type litter has substances like baking soda which absorbs the urine odor. You can remove the faces, urine dries up. Cleaning of this box can be done by changing all the litter, typically once a week.

Some cats may inhale the dust or lick it, so most litters are non-toxic. If you cat is allergic to dust, there are many types of litter which are dust free. What kind of dust also needs to be considered, it can be made of food substances like corn or wheat or made from clay or silica. Based on what your cat is allergic to, litter is bought.

Apart from considering what kind of litter the cat prefers, the other most important factor is the odor. You should always opt for litters that absorb smell rather than just mask it. Scented litters only try to mask the smell by some scents. The disadvantage of it is that the litter box has to be cleaned regularly. Cats have a good sense of smell, if the litter box smells dirty or if the cat is sensitive to scents they may refuse to use it. It’s always best to use the unscented litter and make sure to clean the litter box regularly.

Clumping is the most popular choice. But it is best advised that you stick to the kind of litter that you are using already, but if you want to try something new, make sure to transition from the old litter box to new gradually leaving the old litter box around until the cat gets used to new one.